The Unsung Heroes Behind the Great Photos

Great photos are made on all kinds of cameras — some the kind anyone can buy, some a little more boutique, and others still heavily modified by people with a gift for technical wizardry. National Geographic, always a great source of images, recently released a wonderful short film acknowledging the contributions of one of their longtime camera technicians. He's a humble, soft-spoken man named Kenji Yamaguchi. Please take just a few minutes of your day to appreciate the part he's played in some of the photographs you've seen in the Geographic over the last three decades.

Dedo Weigert Sweats the Details — So You Can Just Trust Your Equipment

We have always been impressed by Dedo Weigert's attention to detail and craftsmanship — his lights are so perfectly made, they're almost like works of art. We've been pleased to be a distributor for Dedolight, shipping their products all across the United States for many years now. As film equipment and shooting style have changed, Dedo and his team have introduced new lighting solutions to suit the needs of the creative people working hard to craft their own art. This video goes into great detail on just how carefully the Dedolight group have tested and refined their LED products… so that their customers can simply expect consistent, reliable, beautiful light wherever they need it.

If you're wondering how a Dedolight kit could make your life easier, please give us a call or drop us an email, and we'll be happy to give advice.

Dedolight Love from Dozens of Photographers and Cinematographers

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Many thanks to Rick Young for sharing this.

Dedolight on YouTube, Featuring a Video Walkthrough of the DLH4

We've proudly offered Dedolight products for many years now, because we feel they produce some of the best gear in the industry. (They don't give technical Oscars to just anyone, after all.) Many clever and dedicated people within their organization work hard every day to make precise, resilient, world-class lighting systems for film, photography, exhibition, architecture and other applications.

Now, for the visual learners among us, Munich-based Dedo Weigert Film has uploaded several videos to their YouTube channel. Please spend a few minutes looking over what they've done, and follow them for continuing updates.

Embedded below is a walkthrough of one of their most popular units, the DLH4. Enjoy!